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Richard Pressman  - Attorney at Law 

I am passionate about helping people.

With over 20 years of legal experience, I am proud of the fact that I take the time and have the patience to carefully examine each matter that comes across my desk. While I have a small team working in my office, I insist on being involved in every case our firm takes on.

I have the knowledge, expertise, and experience in business and in law to counsel and serve my clients who need help with legal matters in the areas of real estate, business transactions, commercial litigation, and estate planning and estate administration.

Our clients continue to use our law office year after year. They frequently recommend their friends, associates, and families to use my firm. I’m proud of the fact that I represent multiple generations of the same family, as this is not a trait that is still common in my profession.

Because of my passion for helping people, I have also created strategic partnerships with other professionals, including those in the mortgage financing, title, insurance, business consulting, and accounting. My goal, while providing complete counsel and representation to each client, is ultimately to help people achieve their goals. If I can’t help in a certain area, it’s my desire to recommend other professionals who can.

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